Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My First Job

This year's My First Job Activity was awesome! The speakers did a fantastic job and the students were very well tuned in to what was being taught.  Thanks to all the speakers for taking the time to come and share their expertise.   Darryn Hodgson (Member's First C.U.), Kristen Floyd (Workforce Services), Brent Baugh (Brigham Implement), Julie Bott (B.E. Credit Union), Scott Uyematsu (Vulcraft), Jenn Dinsdale (Smith's), Matt Hansen (Hansen Motors), Lance Siddoway (Kents), Mark Suchan and Bryce Bradfield (Malt-o-Meal), Dennis Kiefer (America First), and Bob Marabella (All American Real Estate). 
P.S. the hundred bags of cereal that Malt-o-Meal gave out was a nice addition.

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