Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Proctor and Gamble

Yesterday Sharon Brown and myself were taken on a tour of the new Procter and Gamble Box Elder Plant.  We were guided around by John Mckay who is a major figure in their plant and we visited with Joe Tomon who is the plant manager.  It was an amazing experience to see how toilet paper was made.  It was not the toilet paper process that caught us off guard but the way a successful business is run.  An example of this is the plant manager himself. Joe, who is the top person in charge, sits in a cubicle with everyone else.  He does this "to not forget what it is like to work with everyone else".  The kindness extended from everyone out there especially the executives was extremely impressive.  They are all about making everybody better people.  What a good example to follow in any career.  One main feature of their plant is natural lighting.  They did loads of research to find out that more productivity is done when people work in natural lighting.  Look at the difference between the students now in our open, natural lit, Box Elder High compared to the old dark school.  There is a direct correlation.  The tour ended with them giving an extremely generous donation to BEHS.  One that they did not want any publicity or notoriety for.  Adding to their kindness and generosity.  Principal Eddington thinks this is the biggest donation Box Elder High that he can remember from a commercial contirbutor but they did not want to be recognized for it.  Lastly it was very nice to hear John talk about what a nice area this is.  He recently moved here from their Georgia plant and he discussed how much more family friendly Utah is.  Thanks again P&G.

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