Monday, April 15, 2013

Tri 3 Mid Term

It is that time again.  Your mid term assignment is a one page typed paper on your internship.  I would like to know what you like about it (or don' like about it), was it a good decision to do one, why or why not?


  1. Jeremy Nelson
    Midterm Internship Paper
    There are so many things that I like about my internship, for one thing it’s where I work. I have pretty awesome bosses that let me do anything I want to because they trust me I will do it right the first time. If I have a dilemma where I can’t come into work my bosses say that it’s okay and we will see you tomorrow. Sometimes even when I clock out they still talk to me about whatever for like a half hour some days. My bosses are laid back so they don’t really care what I’m doing as long as I’m working hard. I have been working in the office with the secretary learning how to scale trucks in and out and how to do all the paperwork that is involved with it as well. I have to get each axle weight on the trucks and print them off a ticket saying how much hay they got and the price of it. I also have to schedule appointments for the truck drivers for their delivery in California. I have learned and have enough experience that I can run the scales by myself so if the secretary needs to leave early she can. I am getting pretty good at running the network in the office so I will be prepared to run it during the summer because my bosses said that I would be.
    I thought that this was a great decision because I have learned how to run some of the programs in the office to scale trucks in and out. My bosses are always happy to see me when I arrive at work every day. Their job is seems quite easy to me and they also get paid a good amount of money for what they do. It’s not a really labor intensive job so some days go by really fast. On the plus side of things I also get paid for two more hours of work because of my internship. This would be something great to put on an application for a job anywhere in the field of agriculture. I have gained a lot of knowledge and skills doing an internship and working at Bailey Farms International.

  2. I really like my internship so far. I help back in the kitchen; I do little jobs that they need done. The various tasks that I have been asked to do include, helping arrange salads and getting them out for the waitresses to take to the customers it is quite a busy task considering that most meals include a salad of some kind. I have also helped cut fruit, mostly lemons and strawberries. They use lemons on a lot of things like drinks and fish, and we use the strawberries for pies and other desserts. I have also breaded turkey steaks that they would later cook and sell. I have also helped arrange the meal on the plate and get it out to the waiters/waitresses.
    I love that everyone is very inclusive and they take the time to get to know me and talk to me, the environment is very clean and busy. I have only seen one fight between employees which is kind of surprising since there could be many situations that could make others mad. Because of the hours that people work and everyone seems to know each other it feels like a big family. I like how even though it is really busy it is very clean and orderly and it all runs smoothly.
    One of the things that kind of don’t like about my intern is how busy it is. I think it’s probably just me, but I’m not that used to a busy environment that is constant rush and requires you to work fast and efficiently. It’s not a bad thing to be busy it’s just something new for me, so I’m kind of glad that I have the opportunity to learn how to work fast and good. Another thing that I don’t really like is when it gets so busy that it gets confusing, and when there is confusion, there is more mistakes, and with more mistakes there is more frustration. For the most part it isn’t too out of control but there were some instances where this was the case.
    I really like my intern, it has taught me a lot and I truly feel like I now will be able to do well in the work place. Maddox is a good clean environment that promotes good friendly relationships between employees. I’m glad for my decision and I think it is a good place to work. And I would recommend this intern to those who are interested in having a good working experience in the work field. My intern has helped me with responsibility and staying on task and I have learned to get along better with different personalities in different people.

    Brittny Johnson.