Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Midterm Paper

It is hard to believe we are half way through the trimester.  Time is flying and I hope you are enjoying your internship.  Just a reminder it is time to write your one page mid term paper.  Here's is what I am looking for:  An explanation of what you do at your internship and if you like it.  I am more concerned on why or why not you like it.  One page double spaced, 12 pt font. Thanks! Keep working hard.


  1. Charles Davis
    Work Base Learning
    2nd and 3rd hour

    Dear Mr. Roberts

    My Idle Isle Cafe internship tasks consist of slicing carrots and

    squash, dicing celery and carrots, chopping mushrooms and onions.

    For variety I get to pinch roles. I also perform many other odds and

    ends. Most of my work is done in the back area of the kitchen. Each

    morning when I arrive at Idle Isles after washing up, my first

    assignment is to slice carrots on a angle. My next responsibility is to

    chop some squash or help make rolls.

    After those are completed, I chop up mushrooms or peel potatoes. By

    then my time is usually completed and I head back to the High

    School. A few things I have received training or mentoring on are

    chopping vegetables for soup, making country gravy, and Alfredo

    sauce, and pinching rolls. To pinch rolls we take a large ball of dough

    and pinch off small sections. Then the rolls are placed on pans in 7 by

    11 formation. One of the workers in the kitchen has mentored or given

    me some advice me on cutting meat and making an Alfredo sauce to

    go over noodles.

    One of the reasons I enjoy my internship is because of my

    coworkers. I work in the back of the restaurant with a couple of ladies

    and a few guys it's the back is called or referred to as the back prep

    area. Most of the time we have our own responsibilities, but work in

    the same vicinity. As it nears opening time the restaurant has a

    receptionist who answers the phone for them. Then there is also

    another lady who is a floater. She arrives at different times and helps

    all over or wherever she is needed. Her main responsibility is a sever.

    My boss or main mentor is Rob who is an excellent cook. He has

    demonstrated to me stuff like sharpening knifes, and the cutting and

    dicing of vegetables for different menu items. On Thursdays and

    Fridays, Rob's brother Brad is an additional assistant cook.

    Another thing like my internship is that an occasional, I have

    opportunity to sample food. Some foods I've sampled are clam

    chowder and Idle Isle's country gravy. I had a chance to have some

    cake because it had crumbs on top of it. I also got to have some

    pumpkin bread. Since they couldn't serve the end pieces. Another

    menu item I've tried was their the grape salad grape salad which had a

    white sauce dressing which was made of cream chess, sour cream,

    and a couple of other ingredients. Their potato salad, was really good

    and I have to admit I helped make of some it.

    The main reason I am enjoying my internship is that it has

    allowed me to see how the food is cooked and prepared for

    consumption. Everything is cooked in bigger pots, a larger pans, big

    stove, and even the cutting boards are larger then those at my home.

    The appliances are also interesting. An example of this is that they have

    a mixing bowl that is large enough to be a mini bathtub. They have a

    walk in fridge that is huge and keeps everything nice and cool. They

    have a stove burners that are 1 ft. across(size). The dish washer at Idle

    Isles can wash their dishes is like 90 seconds. The one at my home

    takes like half hour to wash our dishes. These are just some of the

    many reasons why I like my internship. It's been a great experience in

    many ways.


    Charles Davis

  2. So far I have loved my internship. At my internship I get to do small

    Tasks around the shop. Some of those tasks are cleaning up messes

    Blowing up balloons ,and making deliveries.

    It has been a fun experience. I get to do some fun stuff and get the

    Privilege to work and to observe some awesome women. Each and

    Everyday there is always something new to learn at the internship.

    I can honestly say that I have learned more about flowers and being.

    A Florist in the past six weeks than I thought I would.

    One of the tasks I get to do each week is help make and deliver the

    Flowers For taco time. But one of my most favorite task is changing

    The sign on the Side of the building.

    Also every once and a while they get some flowers that are broken

    That They can't use. So when that happens I get to make a small

    Little Flower Arrangement with the flowers that are broken and when

    I Finish it I Get to Take it home with me.

    I have learned a lot about my internship and it has helped me see if

    Being A florist is what I want to do. I have loved the internship and I

    Am Glad that I Choose and was given the chance to do this


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  4. Mr. Roberts,

    At my internship at the Judicial Court, I am currently just the guy who comes in and does whatever the nice reception ladies don’t want to do. Ah, just kidding, they give me random tasks to give me a different job just so I don’t get bored doing the same thing every single day, which is filing. On my first day, I get there and there were a good 5 boxes of paperwork that they left there all throughout the summer and just let it pile up higher and higher and higher. So within the first couple of weeks I made separate piles for each individual paper in the boxes, then afterwards I had to numerize each and every single one of those papers, seeing thousands and thousands of tickets, and the funny thing is that I would see tickets for people I would know personally, like my best friend who lives in the house across the street and a coworker at my job!
    But besides the filing that I do on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, on Wednesdays and Thursdays I get the opportunity to go into the court with the glorious Judge Christiansen and watch court cases happen. At first I thought it would be extremely boring and something I wouldn’t get into, but I was soooo wrong! There would be people coming in to clear up things that they haven’t cleared up yet, and if I do say so myself that some people have some really crazy personalities, I wouldn’t think people would give the decider of their fate (the judge) such hatred in their voices.
    In the end, I really do enjoy my internship and all of the people who I have met and do things with. All the reception ladies are really amazing and cool and I am glad I get to do things with them. I am also glad that Judge Christiansen is a chill guy too that also treats everyone with respect… Until they say something to make him change otherwise!
    ---Riley Hewlett, 2-3 hours

  5. My Internship in the theater department is lots of fun this half tri we have been slowly working on the production that we will be putting on called 60 in 60 where we do 60 short plays in 60 minutes it's a lot of fun and and when i did it when i was a sophomore so i am really excited to help all these sophomores have a lot of fun this year so far we have just finished writing all the plays so now we have to vote on all the plays that have been written and choose the top 60 plays out of about 300 plays it’s gonna be a long week and nobody's excited for it. Most of my duties are to take role keep the class quiet while we have been writing all the plays and pass out all the corrected papers that have been corrected, now in the coming weeks i am going to have to take all the votes on the plays and tally them to the top 60 and get them all printed and distributed and then for the first run through we do a 7 min run through of the plays and that should take about two weeks and then for the next time we do three min and that should just take one week and then we start only giving them the time they need to get through the play so as soon as they get up they start talking and when they get done they have to run to their seats and then the next group goes up and they got to go as fast as possible.
    The things i don’t like about this internship are the kids and learning the names so there are about 40 kids in each class and i had to learn every name and i am not a good name person so today i have learned about 50 percent of all names in each class and that is not really good for being a teacher and so i am definitely going to have to work on that in the future and so i can get all the names down and not make any students feel left out, the kids are all fun but some are actually hurtful like “wow ever heard my name much” that's not a exact quote but it’s close enough so that is how my internship is going.