Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guest Speakers

We have had some awesome guest speakers come in and talk to our students.  Just to name a few:  Mitch Udy from the University of Utah came and talked about ears, hearing and hearing loss to our anatomy class, Jill Haslem from the state medical examiners office came and talked to our medical forensic students, Dr Olson from Brigham City Eye and Vision care came and talked about the medical anatomy and physiology of seeing, and Judge Christensen came and talked to some our of students in National Honor Society about professions in the field of law.

Here is Dr Olson:  Brigham City Eye and Vision

Here is Judge Christensen: 
Judge Kevin Christensen was appointed to the Box Elder County Justice Court in May 1996. He serves Box Elder County, Tremonton City, Brigham City, Garland City, and Willard City. Judge Christensen is a graduate of Weber State University and the Gonzaga University School of Law. He was in private practice before being appointed to the bench. In addition to his judicial and family duties, Judge Christensen often speaks to various youth and civic groups about the structure and function of the court system. In 2006, Judge Christensen received the Scott M. Matheson Award for outstanding service to law-related education.

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